Quality Control





Quality Control

Did you know about 95 per cent of Iberian Hams are sold in markets are a fake according to the porcentage of the pigs’ Iberian ancestry? Today, the new quality labelling system for Iberian pork products is much simpler, so you know exactly what you’re buying, what the pig was fed and where, and its breeding. According to the law Black Label is the top category and indicates a 100% pure-bred Iberian pig which has been fed only on acorns during all his life. This porks are called Pata Negra (‘Black Foot’). However, the market is a battlefield where the Spanish Denominations of Origin are fighting against the frauds.

In Ibericool we can guarantee the quality of our products from start to finish. Our professionals select the best pieces and they also do a quality control of the production because our goal is certificate authenticity of every Iberian Ham.
Then, we watch the process of curing iberian ham in natural cellars. In order to meet our objectives we have the best professionals led by Florencio Sanchidrián who select and rates the best ham dryers for the Repsol’s prestigious guide. Trust us is the best bet for the quality.



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