Cool Events

Cool Events

We have a team of experienced ham cutters ready to make the most of your events. In addition, we offer our costumers a broad range of pairings mixing Iberian Ham with the best Gastronomy and Art.

In Ibericool we create unique experiences with iberian products as the main characters. It’s very important for us offer you the best pieces, to put them in the best hands and also do a quality control Ibericool only works in grassland with designation of origin taking the best from the most successful years.

Let us know your idea and our creative staff will make your next celebration an unforgettable experience. We work to adapt ourselves to your needs: Can you imagine a flamenco party with the best iberian ham, in the the place where you choose? Or do you prefer to stay in a fashion runway on the shore of the Mediterranean. We make your dreams come true with the better tasting spanish ham around the world.





Cool Ham Cutters


Our ham cutter team is led by Florencio Sanchidrián who is the ambassador of Iberian Ham in the world and the most notorious ham cutter at the present time. In addition, Florencio selects and rates the best ham dryers for the Repsol’s prestigious guide. He’s an artist with the knife. This master is just like a bullfigther ready with his sword to make the most of every piece in front of him. Our team have been trained by Florencio Sanchidrián to “bullfight” in the best rings where art melts in your mouth.




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