About us



About us


“From San Petersburgo’s restaurant to runway shows in Milan. From Guijuelo to New York.”

We will be honest: Ibericool wasn’t born in the grassland. Ibericool was born in a lifetime where Gastronomy is Art and ours godparents are Fashion and Design. You can understand us looking the mix of our ingredients: Gastronomy, culture and new trends in the same cocktail, rocked and served in the most innovative glass.
Iberian ham is the jewel of world cuisine and the master key that opens all the planet’s doors: From a restaurant in San Petersburgo to runway shows in Milan. From Guijuelo to New York. From ancient trees in the grassland to the highest tower of new cities.

We select the best pieces and we also do a quality controlof the production. Our items combined luxurious with attention to detail for our costumers.
We propose a revolution in iberian products: We carry them to the coolest restaurants of the world.
Our goal is surprise you in every piece, every event, every creation. So we was born to remind you that iberian products are cool too. Our strenght is our originality.



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